Must Have Android Apps

Android Apps

Don’t just think this is another app list for it is not. Below I am going to mention those Android apps which lie under the category of must-haves. Android Market is not brimming with apps but its growing fast yet a pity that there is little support ecosystem of large screen apps for Android Tablets.

File Manager

File Expert

Browsers and File managers are among the most essential tools for your handset. Some versions of file managers won’t work on some updated Android interfaces like Astro File Manager.

Consequently File Expert is a better app in my opinion for file management with the Windows Networking connectivity options involved. This hence allows you to access Windows networks and exchange data and files from servers to the tablet. Remote access is also possible through File Expert as it boasts FTP and HTTP servers.

Consider this the icing on the cake when it is a free app and although it does have lockdown issues requiring hard reboot at times it will however be fixed in the near future. For a better Android 3.0 or higher File Manager try ES File Explorer.

Firewall and Antivirus

Lookout Mobile Security

There is always malicious software on any platform and recently even the Mac has caught the bug. Your best option would be Lookout Mobile Security.

Lookout has a free and paid version with anti-malware scanning, phonebook backup and locator of lost devices. The full version also features a comprehensive privacy advisor, data backup service, remote locking for stolen devices, all for $30 a year or if you wish monthly installments it will cost you $3. Moreover it will function for dual devices such as your Android Tablet and Smartphone.

Instant Messenger

Trillian IM

Instant messaging is becoming more of a necessity than trend and in order to fully avail its functions one has to find the perfect software for it. Apart from AIM, Google Talk, Facebook and Yahoo you can try the c which is now for free and functions on all OSs; from the outdated Android Donut to the latest Android 3.1 Ice cream sandwich.

Office Suite

Documents To Go

Office suites are more than just necessary for business, enterprise and document managing. Nowadays carrying a tablet is more worthy than carrying a laptop so an office suite in the former is essential for official work to commence. “Documents To Go” is premium choice as a well established Office Suite compatible with Microsoft Office applications and available in pro version.

Quickoffice Pro it is one of the most renown and reliable apps out there with cloud access support for various suites and cheap for $7.99.


Titanium Backup

A comprehensive backup tool is more or less as critical to own as an antivirus. Root accesses however essential to most apps in order to backup your device.

Titanium Backup is one of top most choices in the backup inventory. With that app on your gadget you can wipe and restore the device at ease. Furthermore one can backup and copy all apps, files and data onto a server for safekeeping.

All above software except one’s named work on Android 2.2.

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