Nokia’s Last Stand – Nokia WP7 Phones

WP7 is the savior of the choked and outdated Nokia Symbian system. Here is how Microsoft tends to get Nokia for benefits on both sides.

Nokia and WP7 vs. Android vs. Apple

Nokia is sinking floe in the summer sun. Sometime back it was already exhausting market share from Android which has exceeded even Apple, and faith in its Ssymbian^3 system. With Android eating away Nokia shares in Europe and Nokia blundering in China it is only a matter of time before the flow either sticks to a bigger iceberg or melts. Hence Microsoft is the pillar of support here for Nokia to lean on. Both parties can benefit greatly from this method with Microsoft gaining shares and Nokia polishing up its OS, reviving its once attractive UI and services. This all becomes even more possible for Nokia as it enters a greener pasture called WP7 recently a “Mango” update to WP7.

Nokia N97 on WP7

Moreover Microsoft’s would bestow upon Nokia developer software and moreover strengthen each other for the previously two-horse race of Android and Apple.

What makes Nokia-WP7 phones appealing are their low price ranges, originality of OS with good support for music, office and personalization. Moreover Microsoft has seen to it to start equipping carriers with their devices and that move is appreciated by quite a number of customers who are waiting for the end of their contracts and getting subsidized WP7 phones instead for a variety of reasons.

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