The Best Portable Website Statistic Tracker: Google Analytics App

Domain owners and Marketing agents employ the bounties of analytics and statistics to find out about site metrics and other “-tics” all around, we might not be acquainted with. Such individuals are always narrowing down their options to better, faster, more convenient and more portable analytical tools. What is better than having a nifty analytic resource tool on pocket device, handheld or Smartphone?


Today, we’d like to introduce one such innovation of iPhone app ideas for the marketing industry. More useful and handy than all the ones before it; Google Analytics app employs Google’s mighty API and analytic support to display your complete site statistics and metrics on the go right at your fingers. Another app taking advantage of Google’s domination is the election centre app mentioned in our previous blog roll. These apps will still undergoing updates for iPhone 2011 and maybe another upgrade for the compatibility of iOS 4.


Just imagine that you need to consult some figures at a meeting or check-up on website metrics without having to drop a laptop in, then all you have to do is to switch on the valuable Google Analytics App and get all the reference you need at a fraction of clocks face.


The iPhone, the new iPod Touch and iPad application, which was developed by Blast Advanced Media, employs Google Analytics API to quickly and safely access all reports, and one can even create Custom Reports; all at once. You can get an eyeful of all statistics, tables and charts, common preset date ranges to set a custom date range or to compare it with a previous date range for additional context. Hence, you can have all the functionality you could seek for within a neat, viewer-compatible interface.


The Analytics App interface brings forth smooth analytic results and the slick process is even better than your desktop analytic interface. Now, you can not only have your site metrics as well as report processing anywhere at any time, but also you can govern site strategies and future plans.


If you desire one truly productive application, Analytics app can fill in the void for eye candy performance apps on your iPhone. Thousands of statistics and invaluable data can be rolled out in organized directories, including all those small points that make all the difference to industrious marketing. Root activities and end user focus on those leads, links, hot keywords and most visited content. Moreover, attractions and baits all about your website are kept under surveillance and tallied through this premier model of iPhone apps 2010.


Some of its various features are listed below:



  • All viewer locations
  • Linking sites
  • Search engine referrals
  • Meta-phrases
  • Free Keywords
  • Priced Keywords
  • SEM, SEO campaigns
  • Advertisement program
  • Highest rated Content
  • Classified content
  • Top entrance links
  • Top Exit links
  • Activity titles 



  • Visitor regularity
  • Recent visitors
  • Visit timings
  • Visit activities
  • Different browsers
  • Several languages

Other iPhone 4 reviews can be heard discussing upon the integrity of several similar apps, but none can go at lengths to knock out Analytics App here. If you really wish for a dramatic change in site tracking and stay alert as to when? Where? How? Which? way to deal your marketing aces, there is no better way than throwing in handy Analytics app and watch just how the output churns out to be.


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