The New WP7 – Mango for Smartphones

WP7 MangoSummer is here and so is the Mango. Yes both of ‘em, depends on whichever you like. It is a green light all the way to Windows Phone 7 as it debuts on Verizon and AT&T, gains 3 points of market share and will soon roll out a major update of the all new Mango update to the OS.

Mango will be a huge overhaul to the OS bringing along with it (according to ZDnet) 500 UI enhancements and the best part is that several user-friendly features will remain. Moreover with the numerous new APIs, more developers can now congregate on Live Tiles.

Microsoft’s customized continuously connected Desktop with shortcuts and constant updates on the home screen is dream come true. Microsoft did a good job grouping all Facebook and Twitter notifications on the home screen, a feat even Apple failed to do. Mango comes with native integrated Twitter support instead of third party app support making communication even easier. Mango goes even further down the tube. Through the OS and literally from the desktop users can view social network news, media, and even manage sharing and privacy settings. Moreover the right pane consists of all the installed Apps in date order of date.

People app WP7

Mango’s People App is a great addition to the phonebook. People can now classify their contacts into certain groups where it is easier to track and to stay in touch with them.

Messaging variations

Messaging has also been taken to the next level where users can utilize both SMS and email styles of conversations with easy options of switching between the both of them. This easy-to-toggle feature is also available on Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat. And it works unerringly.

Multitasking in WP7

Multitasking! Finally WP7 will run the much-needed software which is now more of an essential to all modern handsets. Though it is not apps cannot run in the background but instead go into sleep mode, it still is a start. Some strict techies might be upset with this but it is just the right technique considering battery life in mind. And it is not that bad either with back key upon being pressed and held opens up a tiled view of running apps with left and right toggling.

Bing search engine has been integrated with the addition of Vision, Music and Voice using cloud computing for the latter.

Location searching has been also enhanced with the introduction of See plus Do which suggests local attractions. Bing also locates all nearby eating and drinking places with complete information on websites, phone numbers and ratings of public sites.

Interent Explorer 9 WP7

Microsoft’s signature browser gets another boost as Internet Explorer 9 and offers swift browsing and includes HTML5.

Office 365 WP7

The default Microsoft Office with Office 365 and SkyDrive apps provide 25GB of cloud storage for sync on the go.

Office Excel comes with formula creating abilities and PowerPoint adds more animation features giving Mango a corporate air.

Larger Music widget WP7

The other updates include a larger music control widget on lock screen, compass, maps, better camera application,

So far so good, with Microsoft already hopping up places and reaching 3rd place maybe now the WP7 would be worthwhile. Let’s just hope something good comes out for Nokia through this.

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