Verizon vs. AT&T: An iPhone History and Future


It has become almost a universal fact that AT&T is the only safe-house housing Apple’s one and only wireless cellular device; the iPhone. A saga of touch screens before spoke only of the AT&T iPhone heritage; iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs and now, the current forefront exhibit of the AT&T joint Apple campaign. However, things are about to change as we all will see. America’s vastest and largest cellular service carrier network; Verizon now speaks of overthrowing AT&T regime over iPhone.


Yes, the rumor from sources close to Apple mentioned a deal in 2011 to rig up Verizon with a CDMA-enabled iPhone 4 with the now available 4G internet of LTE technology and then we can sit back and watch as sales explode! A previous post mentions all related to Verizon’s 4G internet along with a matching iPhone 4 here.


However, a more open market will herald arrival of the Verizon iPhone 4. Unlike the protection given by AT&T to its iPhone, Verizon be looser on its iPhone services and packages. Thus, iPhone 2011 will be a competition between both Verizon and AT&T to generate more revenues.

As a result of this and the decision taken by Verizon to support LTE instead of WIMAX, the U.S. cellular and carrier industry will metamorphose measurably in the coming decades. Even other carriers are aiming not to be left behind or trampled of the titans of the market in this spree for iPhone. The main point is simply being included among the contenders for the hottest devices and services.


External factors also make up differences in the CDMA iPhone carrier market as the U.S. mobile sector heads towards openness. With Google and its Android platform heading towards the spearhead at Apple, the fight for carrier supremacy also relies on the latter aspect. The arguing point here is that Android phones are more widely based and are hosted by both Verizon and AT&T, and those carriers as well without Apple products.


Apart from Google and Co., there are blackberry, Microsoft and Nokia as the only serious remaining contenders. On par with Apple, is Nokia in capability, but it is currently not in a position to get in a tussle with Big Red. Alternatively, it will take Blackberry nothing short of a miracle to even up the odds with the Cupertino Company.


Google has a way to itself to have the only instrument to vary U.S. mobile industry. Android products continue to get better and prove to be great alternatives to iPhone. This fact also remains the same that Apple can never enter into an agreement with AT&T again, especially when en route to Apple dominance of the mobile sector. When the carrier issues have been settled down, iPhone vs. Android battles can rage on fiercer than before. As with Verizon, the supremacy will be more imminent with Android and Apple products neck to neck in retails and iPhone Android market share will boom.


One more thing to expect is that if iPhone 5 was to debut, would it be on both networks.

The latest iPhone news tells us that Verizon iPhone 4 is to debut at the dawn of 2011 and gives new clients an option for the first time to choose between two leading IPhone 4 carrier providers. There will however be some minor differences unrelated to the hardware or iOS4 of the iPhone.

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