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Apple iPhone’s Major Shortcomings

The iPhone may be the near-universal face to the term Smartphones but despite its huge popularity and so-and-so specs, there are its shortcomings which miserably undermine its functionality and user friendliness. Below is a list of some of the major fails of the new iPhone 4.
Battery longevity
Battery life is simply disappointing on the iPhone. All [...]

Must Have Android Apps

Don’t just think this is another app list for it is not. Below I am going to mention those Android apps which lie under the category of must-haves. Android Market is not brimming with apps but its growing fast yet a pity that there is little support ecosystem of large screen apps for Android Tablets.
File [...]

Motorola Droid X2 Leaked!

Motorola and Verizon have eventually made the much awaited part 2 of Motorola Droid X: The Droid X2. The previous Droid X made great scores as a great and fully features Android phone. Its second version is a 4.3-inch model running on Android 2.2, but will support an upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3. The screen is [...]

Top Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2011

Expectations are high and we just cannot hold longer to know what is next. Only last year, some of the latest hit devices made the market and yet still, there are more down the pipe. It’s a fast age people and we are keeping up. Do note, however, this list deals only with the tablets, [...]

Here Comes the Tablet Rivals Year – Again!

2010 slips out and we pass over the threshold of ensuing year and a new decade. Yet, as much as the year 2010 was deemed the year of tablet, or more precisely, the year of iPad, this year will see the same device in 2011 technology limelight.

Last year had Microsoft, Toshiba and the likes of [...]

T-Touch pad vs. iPad – Why Telstra is on Quicksand?

Every market has its ups and downs and sometimes even those embarrassing entries to be simply ignored with dignity. Present day markets of greatest intrigue and harbor, all the daily rage are most often technological markets revolving around all the new touch devices of this year. Even as 2010 goes into en foreclosure, iPhone 2011 [...]

Revolutionary Google Instant Search Now on Android and Apple Platforms!

Google launches its text input search predictive technology on its handheld platform Android 2.2, and on Apple’s iOS 4 operating systems from the 4th of November. This technology is termed as Google Instant and it is now applicable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all other Android based devices.  Google confirms that it will [...]

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