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Android’s Possible Tablet Success

Android had a different stance from Apple since day one and despite having lost market share it clung to its guns and kept on churning out products on the same strategy for the market. Like its Google Chromebook, Google is more into the customer’s needs rather than constructing a premium platform that specifies the consumer’s [...]

Android@Home: A Wave of the Future!

At the Google I/O the tech giant rewarded us all with another introduction of innovation;  Android@Home framework. Saving you all the straight-out-of-the-movies concept, the framework is a system of controls, protocols and network to control all your home appliances, lighting, sound systems, electrical functions, wirelessly connected alarm clocks, bells, computers, refrigerators, and various other appliances [...]

HTC Flyer Tablet First Looks!

HTC Flyer is a rising tablet in the marketplace and after recently being available at Best Buy in Wi-Fi only for $500. While waiting for the Sprint 4G version, a friend of mine happened to purchase one of these beauties. Being a little of ceremony I was called over and witnessed the de-boxing first-hand.
The box [...]

HTC Flyer Tablet Out in Stores

This is HTC’s first ever and highly appealing venture in the tablet marketplace. The Flyer Tablet courtesy of HTC is a 16GB, 7-inch, Wi-Fi only Android Tablet sporting HTC Sense UI and powered by Android 2.3. This tablet will land on Sprint as the HTC Evo View 4G has already hit the shelves on Best Buy [...]

There and Back Again – a Galaxy Tab’s Tale

The Galaxy Tab was one of the first successful devices that inspired some of the leaders in Android tablets legacy to take up stance today. The older version, however, was smaller and had some of the most potent “weapons,” which made it so popular during its reign. Although, not labeled an iPad killer, the older [...]

Motorola Xoom on Verizon – Android has a Fighting Chance!

What we would like to call as a case of tit-for-tat in this epic Android tablet vs. iPad scrum. Motorola’s Xoom tablet, which was proved and named as the latest breakthrough in tablet computing technology, will finally land on Verizon with data plans and pricing on 17th of February (today).
Android tablets would be making most [...]

T-Touch pad vs. iPad – Why Telstra is on Quicksand?

Every market has its ups and downs and sometimes even those embarrassing entries to be simply ignored with dignity. Present day markets of greatest intrigue and harbor, all the daily rage are most often technological markets revolving around all the new touch devices of this year. Even as 2010 goes into en foreclosure, iPhone 2011 [...]

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