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Apple’s iCloud Running on Windows Azure Network?

To put it straight and blunt, Apple is a client of Windows Azure cloud network and other servers as it lacks its own server infrastructure.
The last sentence thrown at Apple was somewhat shocking but I had my doubts about eh Cupertino Company in the first place and upon doing some research confirmed my suspicions.
The website [...]

Apple iCloud Sued by iCloud Communications

Apple is looking down the barrel of yet another lawsuit. As if Apple has not got enough of those lying around in its closet and on e already underway at the present. Apple is facing a trademark dispute over a recently revealed product.
The Arizona-based company iCloud Communications sued Apple last Thursday for copying its name [...]

The Cloudy Concept – Google Cloud vs. iCloud

Last yesterday Apple made the release of iCloud public at the WWDC along with iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion and hence Apple entered the world of cloud computing. Cloud computing is basically termed as the wireless transfer, modification, storage, and streaming of data in-the-air. Apple iCloud is more of an online store concept [...]

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