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HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 – Another Bout!

Before anything goes ahead with today’s HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 rounds there is something I would like to remind all readers. The iPhone 4 is a high-end and recently released Apple device and hence is naturally more powerful than the HTC Legend which is merely an update to its predecessor; the HTC Hero and [...]

Apple’s iCloud Running on Windows Azure Network?

To put it straight and blunt, Apple is a client of Windows Azure cloud network and other servers as it lacks its own server infrastructure.
The last sentence thrown at Apple was somewhat shocking but I had my doubts about eh Cupertino Company in the first place and upon doing some research confirmed my suspicions.
The website [...]

Look Out for Final Cut Pro X Next Week

June 2011 saw a lot of mobile and tech market releases, events and upgrades many of which we were waiting, some were surprises and a fair share of useless releases that flopped. It is not even past mid June and already the E3 Expo and the WWDC has taken place with lots to offer to [...]

Nokia receives 600 million dollars in patent litigation from apple

Nokia may as well gloat over the settlement offered by Apple over the litigation of a lawsuit patent that had Apple signing up the transfer of $608 million in royalties.
Nokia which is now licensing patents from Apple has got what might be a Godsend to its abysmal sales for 2011’s first quarter. Nokia [...]

Unlocked iPhone 4 Price and Launch

Here is a rumor that is taking the run of the headlines lately. There is a report that states that Apple is to release a factory unlocked model of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. this week.
Chronic Wire’s Twitter messages provide the following information on some unlocked GSM models:
MC603 will be a black 16GB model
MC604 [...]

Apple’s iOS 5 – Real Innovation or a Borrowed one?

Apple unveiled the remarkable iOS 5 just yesterday and after giving it a run for its features I came to the conclusion that Apple had nothing to do with the software except for borrowing the concept from Android, Microsoft, RIM, Symbian and Zune to redesign it anew. Tweaking the software does not give [...]

Apple Kicks off iCloud – An in-depth Look

iCloud is a domain recently bought by Apple that consists of Music locker, MobileMe and other web services bundled in.

Apple has been abuzz with activity recently as the new tech “season” kicks in. It has become a tradition for Apple to bring about its products into the market at this time of the year, and [...]

Explore Amazing Wonders of the World with eWonders!

If you think you know that there are only seven wonders of this planet earth, you are already way down on your IQ. Bringing headway in iOS 4.0 update of technology we offer you eWonders application. eWonders is an iPhone application that allows browsing through a large list of the most exquisite masterpieces in this [...]

Revolutionary Google Instant Search Now on Android and Apple Platforms!

Google launches its text input search predictive technology on its handheld platform Android 2.2, and on Apple’s iOS 4 operating systems from the 4th of November. This technology is termed as Google Instant and it is now applicable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all other Android based devices.  Google confirms that it will [...]

Hello iDevice 2011!

New waves of electronic gadgets have already rocked consumer niche markets throughout the latter end of 2010. Time goes ahead and we shouldn’t forget that. Right now, there are humming signs of huge upcoming activity concerning the handheld sector of our present day tiny tech age. 2010 slipped out in style leaving many parties for [...]

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