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Verizon’s iPhone 5 Leaked Features

Verizon has not told us or leaked much on this topic, but since there are demands to know the latest activities regarding the iPhone 5. But that is for sure that the device will be a global mode device supporting both GSM and CDMA bands; hence it will be available for roaming.
As for the specs [...]

Rumors and News on AT&T’s New iPhone 5

Rumors have answered the questions of tech releases before. It may not have been the truth but it s good database and trend fodder. Same is the case with iPhone 5’s release to be scheduled this year. U.S. customers are most expectant of when does the iDevice. The iPhone 5 is to land this [...]

AT&T Allows App Support for Android Handsets

AT&T finally opened its eyes to the fact that Android App support is essential for Smartphones to unleash their functionality – Duh! It has changed its no-third-party-app-support policy on all Android Handsets to allowing app downloads on all Android phones.
This feature gives users the ability, to download and utilize apps beyond those of AT&T’s store. [...]

AT&T Acquiring T-Mobile

Some weeks back, it was rumored that Sprint was to purchase rights and authority to T-Mobile and it did not happen, as the technologies are so contrasting. Yet, word is out now that instead of Sprint; AT&T is to have the honors to claim T-Mobile, USA from Deutsche Telekom.

Well, it fits this time, as the [...]

Nokia’s Woes: Nokia X7 Won’t Go AT&T!

Nokia has laid an end to its plans of releasing its latest Smartphone venture; the Nokia X7, onto AT&T’s network. A source close to Nokia that wishes to remain out of the limelight, as the announcement is not yet public, has confirmed the report. The simple fact and reason that so happened is due to [...]

Verizon vs. AT&T: An iPhone History and Future

It has become almost a universal fact that AT&T is the only safe-house housing Apple’s one and only wireless cellular device; the iPhone. A saga of touch screens before spoke only of the AT&T iPhone heritage; iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs and now, the current forefront exhibit of the AT&T joint Apple campaign. [...]

Hello iDevice 2011!

New waves of electronic gadgets have already rocked consumer niche markets throughout the latter end of 2010. Time goes ahead and we shouldn’t forget that. Right now, there are humming signs of huge upcoming activity concerning the handheld sector of our present day tiny tech age. 2010 slipped out in style leaving many parties for [...]

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