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Reviewing Apple iTunes 10.3 and the Cloud

Last yesterday’s WWDC event heralded the release of iTunes 10.3 that is compatible with two more software that marked the day; iCloud and iOS 5; Apple latest app store. It has initial support for iCloud features.

This new iTunes will become an alternative for MobileMe. For the time being iCloud is not ready for release but [...]

PC Free – What iCloud has for iOS 5!

At the WWDC something that really attracted me was the combination I would get with iCloud and iOS 5. I like iCloud for the fact that everything is in the cloud. I know it sounds stupid but it is simply user-friendly. The best thing about iCloud is that being PC-Free it truly defines the meaning [...]

WWDC 2011, Post Conference News and Opinion

Apple’s WWDC event took place just yesterday and I have to say it is different. First of all the event was unlike the traditional ones before where hardware is usually released but not this year. However this year is not all in vain with iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion being released with [...]

Apple Kicks off iCloud – An in-depth Look

iCloud is a domain recently bought by Apple that consists of Music locker, MobileMe and other web services bundled in.

Apple has been abuzz with activity recently as the new tech “season” kicks in. It has become a tradition for Apple to bring about its products into the market at this time of the year, and [...]

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