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PC Free – What iCloud has for iOS 5!

At the WWDC something that really attracted me was the combination I would get with iCloud and iOS 5. I like iCloud for the fact that everything is in the cloud. I know it sounds stupid but it is simply user-friendly. The best thing about iCloud is that being PC-Free it truly defines the meaning [...]

Apple iDevices on Board With New iOS 4.3.2

Apple has launched earlier this week its upgrade for the latest version of its singular iDevice OS; iOS 4.0. Apple iOS 4.3.2 comes with various fixtures for previous bugs that disrupted smooth workflow of apps and performance on the interface. According to tech sources, the new upgrade fixes blank or hung video screen on FaceTime [...]

Here Comes the Tablet Rivals Year – Again!

2010 slips out and we pass over the threshold of ensuing year and a new decade. Yet, as much as the year 2010 was deemed the year of tablet, or more precisely, the year of iPad, this year will see the same device in 2011 technology limelight.

Last year had Microsoft, Toshiba and the likes of [...]

Skype Upgrade For iOS – Version 3.0

Of all the famous and renowned, can’t-live-without-iPhone apps; Skype is revolutionary software. Skype for iPhone is a part of the highly successful and useful windows utility for over network, online free calls plus video calling features.
Version 3.0 of Skype has debuted for iOS 4 platforms with which, Skype to Skype 3G video calling is out [...]

The Touch Tussle – HTC Desire vs. iPhone 4

In today’s modern world, the multi-billionaire wireless industry, mobile communication and cellular technology has become more than just a necessity for communication. Indeed, today the Smartphone revolution has brought about top-end high technology gadgets like the iPhone 4 supporting features measured in terms of Multimedia, web browsing, iPhone apps support, Operating System, gaming and [...]

Verizon vs. AT&T: An iPhone History and Future

It has become almost a universal fact that AT&T is the only safe-house housing Apple’s one and only wireless cellular device; the iPhone. A saga of touch screens before spoke only of the AT&T iPhone heritage; iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs and now, the current forefront exhibit of the AT&T joint Apple campaign. [...]

Revolutionary Google Instant Search Now on Android and Apple Platforms!

Google launches its text input search predictive technology on its handheld platform Android 2.2, and on Apple’s iOS 4 operating systems from the 4th of November. This technology is termed as Google Instant and it is now applicable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all other Android based devices.  Google confirms that it will [...]

Hello iDevice 2011!

New waves of electronic gadgets have already rocked consumer niche markets throughout the latter end of 2010. Time goes ahead and we shouldn’t forget that. Right now, there are humming signs of huge upcoming activity concerning the handheld sector of our present day tiny tech age. 2010 slipped out in style leaving many parties for [...]

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