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Apple’s Potential of Gaming with iPad2 and iTV Duo

Not it’s not Game Center! In fact it is the combination of iTV and iPad 2 that brings about a gaming platform that is not for from the Xbox or PS concept of premium big screen gaming.  Apple iTV was previously known to connect with the iPad 2 air TV shows, stream movies and provide [...]

PC Free – What iCloud has for iOS 5!

At the WWDC something that really attracted me was the combination I would get with iCloud and iOS 5. I like iCloud for the fact that everything is in the cloud. I know it sounds stupid but it is simply user-friendly. The best thing about iCloud is that being PC-Free it truly defines the meaning [...]

The Cloudy Concept – Google Cloud vs. iCloud

Last yesterday Apple made the release of iCloud public at the WWDC along with iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion and hence Apple entered the world of cloud computing. Cloud computing is basically termed as the wireless transfer, modification, storage, and streaming of data in-the-air. Apple iCloud is more of an online store concept [...]

Apple iOS 5 Influences the Mobile Industry

The iOS 5 overhauls the iOS 4 with 200 features to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It might have been a game of catch up with Google Android, the latter of which is in Alpha position over the mobile market, iOS has finally released an acceptable version of the OS for consumers. [...]

Apple’s iOS 5 – Real Innovation or a Borrowed one?

Apple unveiled the remarkable iOS 5 just yesterday and after giving it a run for its features I came to the conclusion that Apple had nothing to do with the software except for borrowing the concept from Android, Microsoft, RIM, Symbian and Zune to redesign it anew. Tweaking the software does not give [...]

WWDC 2011, Post Conference News and Opinion

Apple’s WWDC event took place just yesterday and I have to say it is different. First of all the event was unlike the traditional ones before where hardware is usually released but not this year. However this year is not all in vain with iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion being released with [...]

The New Revamped iOS 5

This June will see the debut of the evolved form of iOS 4.3; the iOS 5. Apple has ample time to upgrade its app store in order to match not only iOS 5 but developers will be keen on starting projects for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with their fast A5 processors. We might witness [...]

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