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HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 – Another Bout!

Before anything goes ahead with today’s HTC Legend vs. iPhone 4 rounds there is something I would like to remind all readers. The iPhone 4 is a high-end and recently released Apple device and hence is naturally more powerful than the HTC Legend which is merely an update to its predecessor; the HTC Hero and [...]

Skype Upgrade For iOS – Version 3.0

Of all the famous and renowned, can’t-live-without-iPhone apps; Skype is revolutionary software. Skype for iPhone is a part of the highly successful and useful windows utility for over network, online free calls plus video calling features.
Version 3.0 of Skype has debuted for iOS 4 platforms with which, Skype to Skype 3G video calling is out [...]

The Touch Tussle – HTC Desire vs. iPhone 4

In today’s modern world, the multi-billionaire wireless industry, mobile communication and cellular technology has become more than just a necessity for communication. Indeed, today the Smartphone revolution has brought about top-end high technology gadgets like the iPhone 4 supporting features measured in terms of Multimedia, web browsing, iPhone apps support, Operating System, gaming and [...]

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