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Verizon Recalls Defined Amount of iPad 2 Tablets

Following a hardware issue on an undisclosed number of 3G enabled iPad 2 tablets, Verizon has flushed out– as in its words – a ‘small number’ of iPad 2s that for recall. But still statistics are not available to show how amny have already made it out in the hands of many a consumer around [...]

RIM playbook Seeks Market in Global Launch

RIM’s first ever venture in the tablet market brought forth a rather unsuccessful yet useful device nicknamed the BlackBerry PlayBook. The tablet does have some good attributes to it but it did not stand up so well against the spate of other high-end tablets in the lucrative U.S. market. The iPad and lately the iPad [...]

Apple’s Potential of Gaming with iPad2 and iTV Duo

Not it’s not Game Center! In fact it is the combination of iTV and iPad 2 that brings about a gaming platform that is not for from the Xbox or PS concept of premium big screen gaming.  Apple iTV was previously known to connect with the iPad 2 air TV shows, stream movies and provide [...]

iPad 2 – Apple’s Latest Unveiled Technology

Apple launched its new iPad 2 to combat all android-based tablets in the battlefield for this year.  According to iPad news, new iPad features all enhanced modifications and design developments to cope up the current customer needs. It is unbeatably elegant in its looks with exclusively exotic software.

Since the tablet market has become pretty flourished [...]

Tablet Rivals with iPad 2 Upsetting Factors

As we go over the tablet rivals of today to the iPad 2, mainly three keep circulating the ring; RIM PlayBook, Motorola Xoom and the HP TouchPad. But over and over again, the Apple iPad 2 has been the trademark of competition and remains the crowned leader of the tablet market.

Contenders mostly have it this [...]

A New Age – Tablets Continue to Lead

Even if, you disagree as to having the iPad 2 as your tablet, one cannot deny that whenever he thinks tablet computing an image of the iPad 2, almost always conjures up. With lines and consumers increasing daily, the iPad 2 has proven to be the mainstay of a rising sector. There are many out [...]

The iPad 2 is best being quite good!

People expected more of the iPad 2 than just a few additions. Instead of an iPad upgrade, we thought maybe a revolutionary device with state-of-the-art features and specifications. Yet still, without the tablet fantasy, the iPad2 has managed to still scale the competition, while not adding too much grandeur to the affair.
The major and strong [...]

Before & After – iPad & iPad 2

There is more so, as to speak changed between the lowly iPad and the iPad upgrades into the new one just out a few days back. Here is a list of the metamorphisms that took place.
The normal length and breadth of the iPad 2 remains as it was. The device, however, has tossed off some [...]

The New iPad 2 Release –What Competition!

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs exhibited the iPad last Wednesday and the result was somewhat expectant. It was here that the iPad was decked out with what it needed; two cameras, loss of thickness, double processor and RAM space. Yet, Apple made it sure that the iPad 2 got just enough features to leave equal expectancy [...]

Apple’s Time Bomb – Second Generation iPad

Apple iPad Killers and a landscape of competitive Windows, RIM, and HP tablets may have undermined the chances of Apple iPad’s survival in this revolutionary world of new evolving giants in the tablet computing age. Cool and showy models, such as the Motorola Xoom, first viewed at the CES this year, and T-Mobile G-Slate were [...]

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