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Verizon’s iPhone 5 Leaked Features

Verizon has not told us or leaked much on this topic, but since there are demands to know the latest activities regarding the iPhone 5. But that is for sure that the device will be a global mode device supporting both GSM and CDMA bands; hence it will be available for roaming.
As for the specs [...]

India Gets its iPhone 4

First China, now India what’s next? I think by the time “next” steps in the iPhone 5 will be here which already has rumors about it that it will support bands of various network and will be more available internationally. As iPhone 4 becomes more popular worldwide it abruptly lands (amid cheers) on Bharti Airtel, [...]

The New Revamped iOS 5

This June will see the debut of the evolved form of iOS 4.3; the iOS 5. Apple has ample time to upgrade its app store in order to match not only iOS 5 but developers will be keen on starting projects for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with their fast A5 processors. We might witness [...]

Rumors – Is it iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

It has been a while since Apple shipped out its groundbreaking Smartphone the iPhone 4 and it brought the houose down! Following a series of iOS 4.0 releases and finally optimizing iOS 4.3 for all iDevices Apple is to take the next step after the iPad 2; the fifth-generation iPhone! But the iPhone as it [...]

iPhone 5 June launch Delayed, What to Expect Now

The reason behind the unintentional delay for iPhone 5 is well imaginable. The recent catastrophic tsunami not only hit the main land of Japan, but also affected the iPhone industry massively. Even this delay has become quite very shocking news for techno gurus and users around the world.

The Sony Sendai factory area has been targeted [...]

Top Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2011

Expectations are high and we just cannot hold longer to know what is next. Only last year, some of the latest hit devices made the market and yet still, there are more down the pipe. It’s a fast age people and we are keeping up. Do note, however, this list deals only with the tablets, [...]

New iLife ’11 updates for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

2010, especially the part, where the curtain call gets closer, was a time of flurrying activity for Apple with already two iOS 4 updates out of the oven and the third version down the pipe. But, that was not all, the OS X Mac, iPod, App store and a multitude of other sectors in Apple [...]

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