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Most Useful iPhone Apps of all Times

Apple’s iTunes app store boasts a huge total of more than 400,000 apps for all of its iDevices combined. But below are the very best iPhone apps. Divided into categories there are in my experience the most useful iPhone apps – at least for my iPhone!
Video apps
Netflix – On it one can stream millions of HD films [...]

The New Revamped iOS 5

This June will see the debut of the evolved form of iOS 4.3; the iOS 5. Apple has ample time to upgrade its app store in order to match not only iOS 5 but developers will be keen on starting projects for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with their fast A5 processors. We might witness [...]

Apps for Kids – Alphabetic Zoo App!

The iPhone has attracted many niche markets. Several choose it for choice or for need. Believe it or not even kids have found some activity in the iPhone. iPhone app reviews of family friendly games and utilities on iDevices show that a fraction of iPhone users are kids. Alphabet Zoo is one such addictive iPhone [...]

Explore Amazing Wonders of the World with eWonders!

If you think you know that there are only seven wonders of this planet earth, you are already way down on your IQ. Bringing headway in iOS 4.0 update of technology we offer you eWonders application. eWonders is an iPhone application that allows browsing through a large list of the most exquisite masterpieces in this [...]

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