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MacBook Pro Lineage Integrated

Last Thursday, Apple upgraded its MacBook Pro and related packages with many a nut here and a tweak there. Included are latest generation processors, enhanced visual technology titled Thunderbolt; it even released a preview of the Mac OS X Lion developer.
Apple’s MacBook Pro lineage consists of next-gen powerful dual and quad Core system units. The [...]

Apple iDevice Apps and Accessibility– the Evolution

Apple is one of the several oldest technological companies that are currently dominating on the globe. A timeline dating back to the late 70’s, speaks of the simple ventures that today lead Apple to soar over horizons unbeknownst back then. Apple’s products range from hard drives, processors and printers to iDevices as impressive and complicated [...]

New iLife ’11 updates for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

2010, especially the part, where the curtain call gets closer, was a time of flurrying activity for Apple with already two iOS 4 updates out of the oven and the third version down the pipe. But, that was not all, the OS X Mac, iPod, App store and a multitude of other sectors in Apple [...]

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