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Nokia receives 600 million dollars in patent litigation from apple

Nokia may as well gloat over the settlement offered by Apple over the litigation of a lawsuit patent that had Apple signing up the transfer of $608 million in royalties.
Nokia which is now licensing patents from Apple has got what might be a Godsend to its abysmal sales for 2011’s first quarter. Nokia [...]

Nokia’s Last Stand – Nokia WP7 Phones

WP7 is the savior of the choked and outdated Nokia Symbian system. Here is how Microsoft tends to get Nokia for benefits on both sides.

Nokia is sinking floe in the summer sun. Sometime back it was already exhausting market share from Android which has exceeded even Apple, and faith in its Ssymbian^3 system. With Android [...]

Microsoft and Nokia Flourish – Together

There is a variety of negative insight about Nokia and Microsoft these days, yet if things shape-up between the two, there will be a lot of benefits to look forward to.
Nokia has a massive and stable supply chain and is the name for compatibility and high sales, whereas, Microsoft makes up what Nokia lacks in [...]

Nokia’s Woes: Nokia X7 Won’t Go AT&T!

Nokia has laid an end to its plans of releasing its latest Smartphone venture; the Nokia X7, onto AT&T’s network. A source close to Nokia that wishes to remain out of the limelight, as the announcement is not yet public, has confirmed the report. The simple fact and reason that so happened is due to [...]

Verizon vs. AT&T: An iPhone History and Future

It has become almost a universal fact that AT&T is the only safe-house housing Apple’s one and only wireless cellular device; the iPhone. A saga of touch screens before spoke only of the AT&T iPhone heritage; iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs and now, the current forefront exhibit of the AT&T joint Apple campaign. [...]

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