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Some Shortcomings of the Google Chromebook

I am not one single bit anti-Google but despite being impressed with what Google delivered in its Samsung and Acer Chromebooks for business and a pure internet browser OS, I can’t help noticing that there are some weak links in the otherwise superb framework.
Businesses need to be aware of these loopholes before the devices [...]

T-Mobile to Ship HTC & Samsung 4G Smartphones

T-Mobile is steadily becoming a more attractive option for consumers with its better plans, fast and reliable HSPA+ 4G network and now a bunch of highly consumer attractive 4G smartphones to land this month. Android phones are all the rage and that coupled with 4G only makes it better.
With the Galaxy S being released last [...]

Smartphone Flagships Face-off – Samsung Galaxy VS Apple iPhone 4!

The iPhone 4 has mostly emerged victorious again and again through many one-on-ones against the competitors of android fleet. Apple’s flagship sails off towards another dominant contender, one that seemingly has all the capabilities to trounce the champion: the Samsung Galaxy S also known as Samsung Vibrant. The Samsung is already turning heads as  [...]

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