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Verizon Recalls Defined Amount of iPad 2 Tablets

Following a hardware issue on an undisclosed number of 3G enabled iPad 2 tablets, Verizon has flushed out– as in its words – a ‘small number’ of iPad 2s that for recall. But still statistics are not available to show how amny have already made it out in the hands of many a consumer around [...]

Verizon’s iPhone 5 Leaked Features

Verizon has not told us or leaked much on this topic, but since there are demands to know the latest activities regarding the iPhone 5. But that is for sure that the device will be a global mode device supporting both GSM and CDMA bands; hence it will be available for roaming.
As for the specs [...]

Motorola Xoom on Verizon – Android has a Fighting Chance!

What we would like to call as a case of tit-for-tat in this epic Android tablet vs. iPad scrum. Motorola’s Xoom tablet, which was proved and named as the latest breakthrough in tablet computing technology, will finally land on Verizon with data plans and pricing on 17th of February (today).
Android tablets would be making most [...]

iPhone Lands Safely on Verizon

Rumors about the new gadget have finally materialized in the form of Verizon iPhone. This much anticipated news has brought the dreams of many Verizon loyal customers to reality. Also, it brings in a great opportunity for those who were pretty disappointed at AT&T services.
Although, it is not the newfangled iPhone 5 expected for upcoming [...]

Verizon vs. AT&T: An iPhone History and Future

It has become almost a universal fact that AT&T is the only safe-house housing Apple’s one and only wireless cellular device; the iPhone. A saga of touch screens before spoke only of the AT&T iPhone heritage; iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs and now, the current forefront exhibit of the AT&T joint Apple campaign. [...]

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